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  • Japan’s maritime security

    Poaching and illegal fishing causing major issues. Preserving Order in Japan’s EEZ: Toward a New Paradigm of Maritime Security The Japanese people were shocked by the incursion of some 200 […]

  • Gone fishing by hook or by crook

    Crackdown on illegal fishing continues.  Gone fishing by hook or by crook Nirmal Ghosh It was a signal the fight against illegal fishing in the region has been taken to […]

  • Law returns to pirate grounds

    Countries clamp down on IUU fishing and illegal acts.  Law returns to pirate hunting grounds Stephen Spark Coastguard operations in Somaliland and the Seychelles this week suggest countries previously plagued […]

  • Somaliland seizes Yemeni, Egyptian vessels

    Action taken against illegal fishing in Somaliland waters.  Somaliland seizes Yemeni and Egyptian vessels Somaliland has seized more than 51 Yemeni boats and an Egyptian ship for fishing illegally in […]

  • Indonesia sinks 3 Vietnamese boats

    Indonesia clamps down on illegal fishing trade. Jokowi Sinks 3 Vietnamese Boats to Stop Illegal Fishing JAKARTA, Indonesia – Indonesia made good on its threat and blew up and sank […]

  • Dynamite fishing in Tanzania

    Concern militants might infiltrate. Dynamite fishing in Tanzania: Clear and present danger not just to tourism BY PROF. WOLFGANG H. THOME, PH.D., ETN AFRICA CORRESPONDENT Possession and use of explosives […]

  • Bangladesh CG to be more active

    Government seeks to reinforce security. PM asks coast guards to protect maritime areas Govt committed to turning ‘Blue Economy’ concept into reality Prime Minister (PM) Sheikh Hasina directed Thursday the […]

  • US, Nigerian forces train together

    Gulf of Guinea remains piracy hotspot.  US, Nigerian forces train for maritime security Story by 1st Lt. Maida Kalic NAVAL AIR STATION SIGONELLA, Italy – Illicit and uncontrolled activities, including trafficking, […]

  • Indonesia holds 200 Malaysians

    Crackdown on IUU fishing takes effect. Indonesia holds 200 Malaysians in crackdown on illegal fishing BY KANUPRIYA KAPOOR (Reuters) – Indonesia on Wednesday detained 200 Malaysians found fishing illegally in its waters, […]

  • Indonesia declares war on IUU fishing

    Measures could include sinking illegal vessels. Jokowi declares war on illegal fishing Responding to rampant illegal fishing in the country’s territorial waters, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has ordered drastic measures […]