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  • Japan Says North Korea Developing Warheads to Penetrate Missile Defenses

    August 27: Pyongyang appears to be developing warheads to penetrate a ballistic missile shield defending Japan, the country’s defense chief said on Tuesday, pointing to the irregular trajectories of the […]

  • 60 Japanese Coastguard Ships Deployed for G20 Protection in Osaka

    July 02: The 2019 G20 summit was held last week on June 28-29 at the International Exhibition Center in Osaka. This was the first G20 summit to be hosted by […]

  • Japanese Police Arrest 7 Chinese Nationals For Smuggling Record-Breaking Quantity of Stimulants on Izu Coast

    June 05: Japanese authorities have arrested seven Chinese men on suspicion of smuggling what is believed to be a record amount of stimulants, police and media reports said Wednesday. Tokyo […]

  • Japan Expands Military Presence in Horn of Africa Despite Decrease in Somalia Piracy

    May 29: Despite the overall decrease in piracy in the Horn of Africa, Japan remains committed to an international security operation off the Horn of Africa which is increasingly a […]

  • Strikes Expected Worldwide May 1 (International Workers Day/Labor Day)

    May 01: Strikes, walk-offs, and some protests are expected to occur globally on May 1 (International Workers Day / Labor Day / May Day). These include, but are not limited […]

  • France, Japan plan drills

    France and Japan are looking to hold bilateral military exercises in the Indo-Pacific. France, Japan Look to Increase Indo-Pacific Maritime Cooperation By Ankit Panda In recent years, across both the administrations […]

  • Taiwan, Japan talks

    The two countries reached agreements on issues of illegal fishing, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and scientific research, with two MoUs signed in Tokyo Successful Taiwan-Japan maritime cooperation talks conclude in […]

  • JMSDF to continue patrols

    Good news for convoy escort programme. Japanese govt to expand anti-piracy mission The Japanese government said it would extend its anti-piracy mission in the seas off Somalia for another year. […]

  • Japan, India renew ties

    China’s increased presence continues to cause concern. India, Japan to ink pact on maritime security Anirban Bhaumik India and Japan may early next week ink a pact to step up […]

  • Bay of Bengal focus

    No news about the Bay for months, then suddenly, it’s everyone’s focus. Japan is back in the Bay of Bengal BY David Brewster The eastern Indian Ocean has become contested […]