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  • We’re jamming

    MARAD flags jamming GPS disrupted for maritime in Mediterranean, Red Sea By Dana Goward The U.S. Maritime Administration recently issued an expanded advisory for GPS disruptions in the Middle East. The new advisory […]

  • Pakistan Navy in Red Sea

    And why not? Pretty quiet in the region right now…! Pakistan deploys its first ever Navy Ship in Gulf of Aden Southern Red Sea Region Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) SAIF […]

  • Securing the Indian Ocean

    Lessons from successful state collaboration against piracy must be extended to other maritime threats. From Djibouti to Jeddah, the Western Indian Ocean needs security BY CHRISTIAN BUEGER AND TIMOTHY WALKER Crimes like piracy, […]

  • IMO in Jeddah

    Code of Conduct revised. Jeddah workshop aims to ensure safe and secure regional waters Signatory States to an agreement aimed at repressing piracy, armed robbery and illicit maritime activity in […]

  • Djibouti Code broadened

    Code of Conduct updated to include additional maritime crimes. Regional maritime piracy agreement broadened to cover other illicit maritime activity An international agreement that has been instrumental in repressing piracy […]

  • Pakistan Navy ships dock at Jeddah

    Visit follows joint exercises. Pakistan Navy ships dock at Jeddah port JEDDAH – Two combating ships from Pakistan Navy PNS ALAMGIR and PNS ASLAT docked at Jeddah Port on Sunday. The […]