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  • What Happened To Somalia Pirate Hostage?

    Jessica Buchanan, an American aid worker held hostage in Somalia for 93 days beginning in 2011, has spoken for the first time about her terrifying ordeal and dramatic rescue by a […]

  • Italy Jails More Somali Pirates

    Less than a week after Italian courts sentenced a group of Somali pirates to heavy jail terms for the attempted hijack of the Montescristo…

  • Violence Escalates

    In it’s most recent piracy report, One Earth Future Foundation has stated that 10% of hostages on hijacked vessels experienced extreme torture including starvation and simulated drowning Somali Pirate Hostages […]

  • Surviving Pirate Kidnap

    Surviving Pirate Kidnap  is an intensive training program that gives seafarers operating around the East and West African coast the practical skills they need to survive being taken hostage by […]

  • Viewpoint

    A short but important text summing up BIMCO’s stated viewpoint and position on piracy, armed robbery, kidnapping, torture and murder at sea. BIMCO’s Position: Piracy, armed robbery, kidnapping, torture and […]

  • Money Man

    Prosecutors claim charges against, “the highest ranking pirate” should be dismissed because he didn’t commit robbery at sea. The accused is charged with piracy, kidnapping and weapons charges but his […]