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  • Nationwide Strike Impacts Indian Ports of Tuticorin, Cochin and Odisha

    January 08: Nationwide strikes significantly impacted multiple ports around India on Wednesday. Ports impacted included Tuticorin Port (also called V.O. Chidambaranar Port) in Tamil Nadu, Cochin Port in Kerala, and […]

  • Kochi, India: Container Movement From Vallarpadam Terminal Impacted By Truckers’ Strike

    July 28: Container movement from the Vallarpadam Transshipment Terminal in Kochi [Cochin] came to a grinding halt on Saturday after trade unions and truck owners launched a flash strike. The […]

  • Workers commandeer barge

    Threaten to kill crew. Angry workers commandeer barge, accused of ‘piracy’ T Ramavarman KOCHI: A group of workers facing retrenchment forcibly boarded a barge involved in transporting cargo from Cochin […]

  • Jurisdiction Under Debate

    The High Court in New Delhi will meet today to discuss the case of the two Italian Marines accused of the unlawful killing of two Indian fishermen while protecting an […]

  • Who Gave the Order to Fire?

    The continuing case of the incident involving the Italian Marines aboard the Enrica Lexie. Investigating magistrates have asked the Indian Police to ascertain who authorised the Marine’s actions; were they […]

  • Italian Marines Jailed

    An Indian court on Monday ordered the two Italian marines currently being investigated for the killing of two Indian fishermen at sea to be held in jail. India/Italy: Rome protests […]

  • ‘MarĂ²’ to Remain in Custody

    The two Italian soldiers under investigation by Indian authorities for the death of two Indian fishermen will remain in police custody until March 5 a magistrate ordered today in Kollam. […]