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  • Lebanon Hopes U.S. Will Resume Mediation in Border Disputes with Israel

    September 10: Lebanon’s president said he hopes the United States will resume mediation efforts to resolve a land and sea border dispute with Israel, after the man who had been […]

  • US Destroyer Docks at Beirut Port For First Time in 30 Years

    September 15: The USS RAMAGE docked at Beirut Port on Saturday, marking the first time that an American vessel has docked in Lebanon in over 30 years. The US Embassy tweeted that […]

  • Syria and Lebanon to Discuss Maritime Border

    June 25: Lebanon seeks Russia’s mediation on its maritime border with Syria. “We have knowledge that Syria wants to demarcate the maritime border with Lebanon, and Russia is present in this […]

  • Israel Agrees to U.S.-Mediated Maritime Talks With Lebanon

    May 27: Israel is willing to enter U.S.-mediated talks with Lebanon on setting a maritime border, the Energy Ministry said today. Minister Yuval Steinitz “expressed Israel’s willingness for a round […]

  • Customs Strike Causes Fuel Supply Interruptions, Sparking Shortage Fears Across Lebanon

    May 20: Lebanese motorists have swarmed to gas stations across the country over fears of a possible runout if the strike carried out by customs employees continues.  Confusion erupted after […]

  • Beirut Port Temporarily Blocked By Protesters

    April 30: Amid protests by several unions, worried that their pensions could be cut, retired military personnel briefly blocked access to Beirut’s port, the central bank and the Finance Ministry’s […]

  • Israel boosts navy

    24 offshore oil blocks up for grabs. Israel bolsters navy to protect offshore oil and gas zone By Ari Rabinovitch TEL AVIV, Jan 19 Israel is boosting spending on its […]

  • Oil Draws Naval Powers

    The discovery a few years ago of oil and gas reserves off the Lebanese, Israeli and Cypriot coasts has raised the interest of foreign militaries. Recent Oil Discovery off Lebanese […]

  • Regional turmoil helps maritime growth

    BEIRUT: The volatile situation in the region will ironically help Lebanon’s maritime transport sector to grow even further, the public works and transportation minister said Thursday at the fourth annual […]

  • Bypassing Syria

    BEIRUT: The Agriculture Ministry is pursuing efforts to facilitate maritime transport to compensate for delays in land cargo through Syria, where the security situation has deteriorated significantly in the last […]