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  • ICJ Postpones Kenya-Somalia Maritime Border Case

    October 18: The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has postponed the maritime border case between Somalia and Kenya to June 2020. The Hague-based court has agreed to Kenya’s request for […]

  • Israel Agrees to U.S.-Mediated Maritime Talks With Lebanon

    May 27: Israel is willing to enter U.S.-mediated talks with Lebanon on setting a maritime border, the Energy Ministry said today. Minister Yuval Steinitz “expressed Israel’s willingness for a round […]

  • Somalia takes Kenya case to UN

    Natural resources at heart of issue. Somalia to Present Case at UN Court in Maritime Spat With Kenya by Mohamed Sheikh Nor Somalia, which has mainland Africa’s longest coastline, plans to […]

  • Honduras to define sea border

    Officials from Honduras and Jamaica will meet Thursday in the Caribbean city of Tela to define maritime borders, Honduran Foreign Minister Arturo Corrales said Monday. Honduras to define sea border […]

  • Pakistan Arrests Indian Fishermen

    Pakistan’s Maritime Security Agency (MSA) has arrested 27 Indian fishermen and seized 6 boats for illegally straying 40 miles inside its territorial waters, officials said Monday. Pakistan arrests 27 Indian fishermen […]

  • Peru and Chile: a very fishy spat

    It’s all about patriotism. Well, and a bit of fishing. On Monday, Peru and Chile started their oral arguments before the International Court of Justice in The Hague concerning a […]