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  • Safer Seas

    Update: EU Naval Force Warship BNS Louise-Marie Helps To Keep Seas Off Somalia Safer For Seafarers. On 15 December Swedish EU NAVFOR maritime patrol aircraft located a suspicious skiff with […]

  • Attempted Hostage Rescue: Three Dead

    Puntland, a Province of NE Somalia, Maritime Police Force (PMPF) in shoot-out with pirates aboard hijacked ‘MV Iceberg 1’ in rescue attempt. The crew on board the Iceberg 1, has […]

  • Less Relaxed

    Ports need to raise their marine security game before pirates start to pay more attention to them and try to repeat the highjacking of a ship anchored in Omani waters, […]

  • Murder Threat

    A new video showing captured South Korean sailors is re-focusing attention on the hostages. Somali pirates have threatened to kill South Korean and Indian sailors if those nations do not free pirates […]

  • Expert Analysis

    One of shipping’s most eminent economists has been casting his expert eye on piracy. Dr Martin Stopford, reminds us that Piracy is not a modern phenomenon. 2078 years ago Rome […]

  • Guard Captured

    GCaptain has been posing an interesting question, just who sends a ship to the waters off east Africa with a one-man, unarmed security force? Apparently the Greek owners of the […]

  • ITF Stance

    Commenting on British prime minister David Cameron’s pledge to more effectively protect ships against pirates, including by relaxing rules on carrying arms. ITF general secretary David Cockcroft said: “Somali-based piracy […]

  • Cyber Threats

    While there are calls for shipping to address any physical security weaknesses, there has been a parallel call to on the cyber security. With the growing reliance on electronic systems […]

  • Turning Tide

    The unrelenting rise in piracy attacks could be stemmed, if the speech of a British minister is any indication. Foreign Office Minister Henry Bellingham, speaking to the British Chamber of […]

  • Danger Zone

    It is not just the officers of crews of merchant ships who fall victim to the perils of piracy. According to a presentation at the World Maritime University, a third […]