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  • Cure Worse Than Curse

    The recent incident in which Italian military killed two Indian fishermen off coast of Kerala questions the very rationale of deploying armed guards on merchant ships. Armed guards cure is worse […]

  • Superyacht Security Summit

    EUNAVFOR Chief of Staff Confirmed for Superyacht Security Summit Superyacht Events are thrilled to confirm that Captain Phil Haslam, Chief of Staff for the EUNAVFOR Counter Piracy operation, will be speaking at […]

  • Inaugural SCEG Conference

    The SCEG is a special interest group within the UK’s aerospace, defence and security trade association, ADS Group. The SCEG was appointed by the UK Government in June 2011 as […]

  • More Armed Guards

    In October 2011, the British Prime Minister said  that UK ships could carry armed security details. It is now estimated that 20-30% of UK ships in the high risk areas carry armed […]

  • Piracy Gets Rougher

    This excellent Reuters article by Peter Apps examines the rise in violence during acts of piracy and the ever greater recourse to armed security. Although private armed security and the […]

  • Unbeaten but Under Pressure

    One reason for the decline in successful attacks has been the increased use by shipping of armed guards and other security measures. But as successful attacks decline, ransom prices have […]

  • More armed guards on UK ships

    A number of major UK shipping companies now carry armed teams to combat the threat of Somali pirates, a leading industry security spokesman has said. The prime minister said in […]

  • Privatising Nigeria’s Security

    The Federal Government of Nigeria has come under criticism following the decision to outsource a considerable part of its maritime security requirements to the private sector. Maritime Security: Government’s Disguised […]

  • Two fishermen shot dead by guards

    Thiruvananthapuram: Taking a strong stand on two Indian fishermen being shot at and killed by the security personnel of Italian ship Enrica Lexie on Wednesday night, the Ministry of External […]

  • Violence against shippers off west Africa

    Lagos – The waters off West Africa’s coast are now a constant danger for those shipping goods and crude oil in the region, analysts said, a day after pirates killed […]