Tag: Mediterranean Sea

  • Border Security Conference 2019

    Border Security Conference 2019 12-13th February 2019 Rome, Italy With the migrant crisis ongoing in the Mediterranean and issues emerging surrounding the return of foreign fighters and the ever-present threat […]

  • Pakistan, Egypt drills

    Exercises held in Med. Pakistan, Egypt hold joint naval exercise The naval forces of Pakistan and Egypt, on Thursday, conducted joint drills in the Mediterranean Sea, official news agency MENA […]

  • RU live fire drills

    Russia will hold drills in the Mediterranean Sea on September 1-8 Russian ships and planes to hold missile-firing exercises during Mediterranean drills Russian ships and planes will hold missile-firing and […]

  • Libya creates SAR zone

    Warning aimed at NGO rescue vessels. Libya navy bars foreign ships from migrant ‘search and rescue’ zone The Libyan navy on Thursday ordered foreign vessels to stay out of a […]

  • Thousands rescued in Med

    Another huge spike in crossings. In 48 Hours 5,000 Migrants Rescued from the Mediterranean There‚Äôs no let-up in the migrant influx to European shores. A reported 5,000 were rescued on […]

  • UN deeply concerned at rising deaths

    The United Nations today voiced deep concern at the rising death toll from boat accidents UN deeply concerned at rising deaths from boat accidents in the Mediterranean The United Nations […]

  • The Coming Dash for Gas

    In recent years, the South China Sea has made numerous headlines. But another body of water — the Mediterranean — is rapidly becoming as volatile. Trouble in the Eastern Mediterranean […]