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  • Med, migrants and merchant ships

    Shipping’s concerns over Italy’s migrant stance. Migrant crisis may pose threats to Med shipping By Julia Louppova The migrant crisis continues in Europe and the shipping industry is getting increasingly worried […]

  • Migrants, the Med and Merchants

    Suggestion fails to take into account military aims. Unemployed Seafarers on Passenger Vessels Could Rescue Migrants by Captain John Dalby Whilst acknowledging, indeed applauding, the great work being undertaken by […]

  • Russia’s repurposed merchants

    Old merchants supporting Russian campaign. Russia supplies Syria mission with old cargo ships bought from Turkey By Jonathan Saul and Maria Tsvetkova Earlier this year, an old refrigerator ship called […]

  • Merchants rescue Med refugees

    Commercial vessels are saving migrants as they try to cross the Mediterranean. One story shows how risky that is. In Mediterranean, commercial ships scoop up desperate human cargo By Jonathan […]

  • Expired Pyrotechnics Supplied to Ships

    Serious concerns raised.  Expired Pyrotechnics Supplied to Ships By Yatish Yadav NEW DELHI:Even sailing in the high seas is not spared from corruption as expired pyrotechnics, an illuminating distress signal […]

  • Slowing Down

    With last year’s bill for running faster through high-risk areas put at $2.7bn, shipping companies have switched to relying on guards, rather than speed, for protection. Ships slow down in […]

  • Arms Debate

    Britain is poised to allow merchant ships formally to carry arms in a dramatic effort to tackle the escalating threat of international piracy. The move is designed to protect UK […]

  • Armed Solution

    In parallel with its talks on naval action, the Indian government has been discussing the issue whether “sea marshals” should be placed onboard merchant ships to counter the threat posed by pirates. The Government […]

  • Almost A Call To Arms

    After much internal debate The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has arrived at a new stance on the use of private armed security guards to defend merchant ships against attacks by Somali […]