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  • Pirates take dhow off Puntland

    Vessel likely to be used as mother ship. Somali pirates hijack Iranian fishing vessel: Somali official By Abdiqani Hassan Somali pirates hijacked an Iranian fishing vessel on Tuesday to use […]

  • Pirate attack reported 200nm off Nigeria

    Many experts remain open-minded until a full report of the event is made available. Audacious Open Ocean Ambush could be a “Game Changer” for Piracy in Gulf of Guinea warns […]

  • Sri Lankan Fishermen Rescued

    The Spanish warship, ESPS Infanta Elena, has rescued 6 Sri Lankan fishermen and their fishing vessel from suspected pirates. The vessel had been held since November 2011 and was reportedly being used as […]

  • Arrests in Tanzania

    Official sources in Tanzania have stated that the suspected pirates arrested on an island close to the Songo-Songo gas fields were in close communication with a mother ship carrying seven […]

  • NATO Neutralises Mother Ships

    Over the last 3 days in two separate operations Units of NATO’S Counter Piracy Task Force 508 successfully identified and neutralised two ocean going dhows that had been pirated and […]

  • Going In

    Foreign naval forces launched an attack on Somali pirates near their base in the town of Hobyo that left at least four dead and six wounded, witnesses and pirates said […]

  • Fending Them Off

    On March 27, 2011 a group of pirates attempted to seize the tanker “Asia”, owned by Novoship. The vessel was 235 nm northeast of Socotra Island, when a boat with […]

  • Skiff Shooting

    An Australian warship has fired on a stolen skiff being used as a pirate ship in the Arabian Sea, as part of its role in a multinational anti-pirate operation. “HMAS […]

  • New Cause For Concern

    A recent incident could signal a worrying development in the tactics employed by Somali pirates, the IMB said earlier this month. Suspected Somali pirates boarded a general cargo vessel but […]