Tag: Muslim Brotherhood

  • Egypt’s new Red Sea patrol

    Egypt is the only force in the Middle East that owns a highly trained, powerful army ready to confront any challenge, says former officer. Egypt establishes highly-trained special navy forces […]

  • Egypt on high alert

    Major concerns that terrorists will attempt to strike. Egypt on high alert ahead of ‘new Suez Canal’ opening ceremony Egyptian authorities have announced a state of maximum alert in preparation […]

  • Arrests in Suez terror plot

    Arrests included an employee from Suez Canal Authority. Egypt arrests Brotherhood members for alleged Suez plot – security sources Egyptian authorities have arrested 13 members of the Muslim Brotherhood on […]

  • Muslim Brotherhood arrests at Suez

    Concern at possible terror links. 4 MB members arrested for taking photos of Suez Canal, security services Four Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested for photographing the navigation line of the Suez […]

  • The Chinese Version

    According to the Chinese Communist Party media outlets, the cargo ship Zhongyuan Yazhou has been rescued by the Egyptian navy after it was attacked in the Suez Canal Muslim Brotherhood hijacks Chinese vessel […]