Tag: MV Sinar Kudus

  • Pay Back

    On May 1, pirates received a ransom for the release of the vessel “MV Sinar Kudus”, which had been held since March 16. After the ransom payment was made, (believed […]

  • Skiff Shooting

    An Australian warship has fired on a stolen skiff being used as a pirate ship in the Arabian Sea, as part of its role in a multinational anti-pirate operation. “HMAS […]

  • More Motherships

    The capture of the vessel “MV Sinar Kudus” has seen Somali pirates gain another valuable “mothership” from which to launch raids. Almost immediately after the ship was captured (after being over […]

  • MV Sinar Kudus Pirated

    Shortly after sunrise on 16 March, the Bulk Cargo Carrier MV Sinar Kudus was pirated around 320 nautical miles North East of the island of Socotra in the Somali Basin. […]