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  • The maritime cyber threat

    Why 50,000 ships are so vulnerable to cyberattacks The shipping industry has been slow to prepare adequate cybersecurity. Alexandersonscc/pixabay, CC BY-SA Keith Martin, Royal Holloway and Rory Hopcraft, Royal Holloway […]

  • GPS gadgets to help Tamil fishermen

    Following attacks on fishermen, allegedly by the Sri Lankan Navy, GPS equipment is being fitted on boats to help them navigate the Sri Lanka, India border. GPS gadgets on boats […]

  • IMO Revise ECDIS Course

    The IMO’s Electronic Chart Display and Information System Model Course (1.27) has been revised to ensure that navigators understand ECDIS in the context of navigation and can demonstrate all competencies […]

  • NAVIGAT 3000

    Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine to Brief Reporters on Its New Market Direction and Product Offerings at SMM Trade Show in Hamburg, Germany FALLS CHURCH, Va., Aug. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — […]

  • Navmaster Certification

    Over 100 navigating officers have successfully completed PC Maritime’s ECDIS Type Training course and passed the Assessment test required for formal certification. Over 100 officers now formally certified for Navmaster […]

  • Safer Navigation

    Carrying an estimated 90% of world trade and billions of passengers every year, international shipping represents the life blood of the global economy. Safety, always a major concern for seafarers, […]

  • ECDIS Regulations

    All captains and navigational officers that are serving on yachts that have ECDIS as their primary means of navigation must complete both the generic and ship-specific equipment training. ECDIS is […]

  • ECDIS as a Service

    ChartWorld International has launched a new micro-site (http://www.ecdis-as-a-service.com) to mark the introduction of its unique “ECDIS as a Service™” concept for supplying ECDIS and digital chart data services to the […]

  • Shipping Hazard

    Nigerian Government officials say they don’t know how many abandoned ships choke Nigeria’s waterways, but they cause tremendous environmental and navigational hazards. Ships litter Nigerian coast Beached vessels become hazards. […]

  • Galileo Milestone

    With applications in areas as diverse as SAR, active vessel traffic management, port approach and ship-to-shore coordination, the Galileo European Navigation Satellite System is destined to play a major role […]