Tag: Negotiations

  • Hope for Crew

    Negotiations for the release of the 22 crew members of the Malaysian ship MV Albedo, in the hands of  Somali pirates for over 18 months, have progressed to a new stage. […]

  • Aid Raid

    British aid money sent to Somalia was allegedly used to pay a ransom to the pirates who kidnapped Paul and Rachel Chandler, it has been claimed. Dr Abdi Hangul, who […]

  • Cash Calls

    The Somali pirates who have been holding seven Danes as hostage since February have turned down a ransom of around US$600,000. The brother of Jan Quist Johansen, whose family was […]

  • Negotiating Concerns

    Sources close to the elders of the gang holding the Danish hostages from the sailing yacht “SY ING” have reported that the present negotiations between a Danish delegation in Bosasso […]

  • Photo: Netherlands Ministry of Defence

    Athens Negotiates Marines’ Release

    The three Dutch marines who were captured near Sirte on 27 February during a failed evacuation mission in Libya have been released and were flown to Athens last Friday following […]

  • Death Threat

    Somali pirates have threatened to kill four Pakistani hostages onboard “MV Suez” if a $20 million ransom is not paid by March 15. “Efforts for the early release of Pakistanis […]