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  • US, Nigerian navies to cooperate

    Closer ties with Nigeria promised. US to enhance maritime corporation with Nigeria By Vera Samuel Anyagafu United States Admiral Michelle J. Howard, who is the commander, Allied Joint Force Command […]

  • Iran, the US & Persian Gulf

    Despite current tensions, cooperation between Tehran and Washington is possible. Iran, the US, and the Persian Gulf By Sina Azodi Iran has one of the longest and subtlest traditions of […]

  • Iran ensuring safety…

    Irony alert… Iran ensures safety of oil tankers in Persian Gulf: Shamkhani A senior Iranian official says the Islamic Republic’s military presence in the Persian Gulf ensures the safety of oil […]

  • Ghana Air Force receives Z-9 helicopters

    Ghana Air Force receives Z-9 helicopters The Ghana Air Force has taken delivery of four Z-9EH utility helicopters from China, and will use them to secure the West African country’s […]

  • The US Realignment of the Persian Gulf

    Analysis by CIMSEC. The US Realignment of the Persian Gulf Regional Security Complex WILLIAM ALLEN The Persian Gulf sits at the nexus of multiple regional security complexes overlaid one upon another, creating […]