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  • Could Oil Ship Wakashio Been Hacked Before Mauritius Spill?

    Nishan Degnarain Cyber-attacks against global shipping have spiked 400% since Covid-19 lockdowns. And this was before the two high profile hacking victims in the last month alone – the world’s fourth […]

  • Tanker Suspected of Brazil Oil Spill Reportedly in India At Time of Incident

    November 25: Recently (21 November 2019) incomplete evidence was presented by Laboratório de Análise e Processamento de Imagens de Satélites (Lapis) at the Brazilian Federal Senate hearing speculating that the […]

  • Brazil Accuses Greek Ship of Major Oil Spill in Late July

    July 28/29 & November 01: Brazilian investigators said on Friday a Greek-flagged ship carrying Venezuelan crude was the source of oil tarring Brazil’s coastline over the past two months, but the firm […]

  • Mysterious Oil Spill Reaches Beach in Major Brazilian City

    October 11: A mysterious oil spill that has polluted at least 150 beaches along Brazil’s northeastern coast reached the city of Salvador on Friday as officials tried to determine the […]

  • ‘Sabotaged’ Tanker AMJAD Reportedly Leaked Oil in Gulf of Oman

    May 24: New reports suggest that a sizeable oil slick developed in waters where tankers were damaged off Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 12 May. Finnish company […]

  • Tanker explosion concerns

    30 crew remain missing. Burning tanker off Chinese coast ‘in danger of exploding’ There are fears of an environmental disaster in the East China Sea as a tanker continues to […]

  • Surveillance Aircraft in Middle East

    Increased interest in special surveillance aircraft is reported in the Middle East, particularly in those utilized for oil spill detection, anti-piracy and fisheries protection purposes. Hawker Beechcraft Sees Increased Interest […]