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  • Somali piracy: 10 years on

    After Somali piracy, is sailing the Western Indian Ocean safe again? Sailors from the French Navy ship “La Somme” board a small craft after a pirate attack on a French […]

  • NATO ends Ocean Shield

    Other regional governments less pleased. NATO ends anti-piracy operation; Seychelles to continue to monitor sea threats By: Patsy Athanase and Sharon Uranie (Seychelles News Agency) – A decade after the […]

  • NATO void leaves concerns

    End of NATO operations causing regional concern. Piracy fears as Nato pulls navy ships from Indian Ocean To the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), time is ripe to withdraw from […]

  • Piracy lessons learned

    What can the lessons of naval cooperation in countering piracy off Somalia teach us? Lessons in Military Cooperation From Indian Ocean Counter-Piracy Ops By Robert Farley What can the success […]

  • NATO ends anti-piracy op

    Operation Ocean Shield ends. NATO ends counter-piracy mission as focus shifts to Mediterranean BRUSSELS (Reuters) – NATO has ended its Indian Ocean counter-piracy mission after a sharp fall in attacks, […]

  • Somalia: keep fighting pirates

    NATO still plans to withdraw vessels later this year. Somalia: Govt Urges Continued International Support for Fighting Piracy Mogadishu — Somali government has called for the international community to continue […]

  • China, NATO Hold Anti-Piracy Drills

    Exercises mark historic first for NATO and PLA Navy. China, NATO Hold First Joint Anti-Piracy Drills in Gulf of Aden Chinese and NATO naval forces held joint anti-piracy drills in the […]

  • Somalia: Beyond Naval Interventions

    The Somalia Maritime Resource and Security Strategy. Somalia: Beyond Naval Interventions in Somali Piracy Public Diplomacy and Regional Humanitarian Initiative News By: Joana Ama Osei-Tutu. In 2011, at the height of […]

  • Pirates cite navy as deterrent

    EUNAVFOR and NATO due to withdraw in late 2016. Prisoner survey notes international naval presence as the primary deterrent to pirates UNODC and OBP jointly conducted an informal survey of […]

  • Counter-Piracy Operational Commanders Meet

    Meeting of ‘the big three’. Counter-Piracy Operational Commanders Meet in Northwood NATO Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) welcomed U.S. Naval Force Central Command/U.S. FIFTH FLEET/Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) Commander, Vice Admiral […]