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  • Safety in Malaysian waters ‘improved’

    MMEA points to statistics. Safety in Malaysian waters has improved — MMEA PUTRAJAYA: When Malaysian-registered MT Orkim Harmony disappeared on June 11, 2015, a massive search for the vessel was […]

  • On the trail of fuel oil pirates

    Latest ReCAAP report makes grim reading. On the trail of fuel oil pirates in Southeast Asia By Vincent Wee from Hong Kong The most recent ReCAAP ISC half yearly report has revealed the […]

  • No ransom demand for missing tanker

    Highly unlikely vessel taken for ransom, however. No ransom demand for missing tanker and its crew so far, says minister By: Nawar Firdaws Five days have past and there is still […]

  • Pirates’ logistical challenge

    Hijackers may have thought cargo was oil rather than petrol. Orkim Harmony: MMEA Says Bunker Pirates Likely “Still Looking for the Logistics to Transfer the Oil to Their Client” A […]

  • Missing tanker causes concern

    Missing tanker causes concern. Najib anxious over disappearance of oil tanker BY NICHOLAS CHENG KUALA LUMPUR: The Government will deploy its resources to locate a missing oil tanker off Johor, said […]

  • Tanker feared hijacked off Malaysia

    Sister ship to Orkim Victory, taken on June 4th Tanker believed hijacked off Malaysia ReCAAP has issued an alert to shipping concerning the Orkim Harmony, sister ship to the Orkim […]

  • ReCAAP updates on Orkim Victory hijack

    Hunt continues for pirates’ tanker. ReCAAP updates on Orkim Victory hijack ReCAAP has released an incident update on the hijacking of the Orkim Victory on June 4th. According to the […]