ReCAAP updates on Orkim Victory hijack

Hunt continues for pirates’ tanker.

ReCAAP updates on Orkim Victory hijack

ReCAAP has released an incident update on the hijacking of the Orkim Victory on June 4th.

According to the report, the vessel was boarded by more than eight masked pirates who were carrying handguns and a machete. They threatened the crew and reportedly assaulted them although no injuries were reported The pirates forces the ship to meet with another tanker around 15nm off Pulau Aur, Malaysia, where siphoning operations took place. The siphoning operation took around seven hours to complete and the second tanker headed off towards Pulau Matak, Indonesia. The pirates left the Orkim Victory around 10nm SE of Pulau Aur after stealing the crew’s personal belongings.

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency deployed maritime and air units to search for the tanker, but it has not been located at the time of writing.

While ReCAAP reports that this is the eighth incident of fuel/oil siphoning, our records show that 11 ships have been hijacked in the region so far in 2015.

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