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  • UN, EU agree Med arms patrols

    Patrols will now look for guns as well as people smugglers. U.N. approves high seas crackdown on Libya arms smuggling BY MICHELLE NICHOLS The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday […]

  • Migrants look to Italy

    Trafficking gangs are arranging a new way to ship migrants from Turkey to the EU by sailing to Italy, a leading German newspaper reports. Report: Smugglers prepare new human trafficking […]

  • 2,700 migrants rescued at sea near Libya

    Rescues took place 35m off Libya. Some 2,700 migrants rescued at sea near Libya: Italy coast guard ROME (Reuters) – Around 2,700 migrants were rescued from 13 boats near the coast […]

  • EU Med force awaits green light

    May be restricted to surveillance. Politics Delays EU Anti-Human Trafficking Ops By Tom Kington ROME — Europe has announced an impressive array of ships, submarines and drones it plans to […]

  • People smuggling in Libya

    Smugglers operate in the open. In lawless Libya, human smuggling right out in the open ‘I never had to hide it from anybody,’ says 27-year-old smuggler, in the business for […]

  • Mediterranean migrants crisis

    Analysing the options. Mediterranean migrants crisis: Is military force the solution? By Jasmine Coleman European leaders are scrambling to find a way of stemming the flow of migrants across the […]

  • Concerns over proposed EU migrant tactics

    Cornered by foreign naval vessels, people traffickers may simply throw their human cargo overboard. Why fighting piracy won’t work as a model for fighting people traffickers By Colin Freeman, Chief foreign correspondent […]

  • Migrant deaths: EU holds urgent talks

    Huge death toll over weekend. Mediterranean migrant deaths: EU holds urgent talks EU foreign and interior ministers are due to meet in Luxembourg to discuss the deaths of migrants trying […]