Tag: Persian Gulf

  • Iran claims fishermen attacked

    Incident between guards and fishermen. Saudi guards fire on Iranian boat, killing fisherman: report Saudi border guards have opened fire on an Iranian fishing boat in the Gulf, killing a […]

  • Iran warning issued

    Vessel seizures concern. Steer clear of Iranian waters, sailors warned By Anwar Ahmad ABU DHABI // Fishermen and sailors were warned to avoid encroaching on Iranian waters as Tehran’s navy […]

  • UAE soldier killed by Iran?

    Few details of incident available. Emirati soldier killed chasing Iranian ship By Naseh Shaker The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced on Tuesday that one of its soldiers was killed “during […]

  • Iran vexes US

    Senior US military leaders are becoming increasingly concerned by so-called ‘grey zone’ naval activities being conducted by Iran and its surrogates. Iranian ‘grey zone’ naval activities questioned by Scott Gourley […]

  • New toys for Iran’s Navy

    Iran continues to renew aging fleet. Iranian Navy To Get New Missile-launching Ships, Submarine Iran is building fourth missile-launching Peykan-class warship for the naval forces in Caspian Sea, local media […]

  • Iran, Oman Stage Naval Drill

    Naval forces from Iran and Oman held a joint drill in the northern waters of the Indian Ocean to practice maritime rescue and relief operations. Iran, Oman Stage Naval Drill […]

  • Iran and the Red Sea

    Timely look at Iranian capabilities. An Assessment of Iranian Naval Capabilities in the Red Sea By James Fargher International attention has focused on the possibilities of an Iranian closure of […]

  • Iran wants US out

    Relations with Iran continue to worsen. Iran urges U.S. naval forces to leave Persian Gulf Iran’s defense minister on Thursday called on the U.S. naval forces to leave the Persian […]

  • Iran responds to harassment claim

    Tensions continue to rise in Gulf. Iran responds to US Hormuz Strait ‘harassment’ claims Laura Mackenzie Foreign Correspondent ABU DHABI // The Iranian military has denied that its vessels acted […]

  • IRGC Navy harass carrier

    IRGC Navy up to their usual tricks… Iran ‘harassed’ US aircraft carrier in Strait of Hormuz Laura Mackenzie ABOARD THE USS GEORGE HW BUSH // A US aircraft carrier was […]