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  • Delta militant threat

    Long list of possible targets published. Niger Delta militants list key oil assets targeted for destruction By Egufe Yafugborhi PORT HARCOURT – A Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators yesterday listed […]

  • More Delta threats

    Oil region braces for attacks. JRC orders 4,314 ex-militants to prepare for attacks on installations By Wale Odunsi The Joint Revolutionary Council (JRC), a coalition of armed groups in the Niger […]

  • Delta militants return

    Threat to oil infrastructure returns. Niger Delta Avengers declares fresh war on oil facilities As the Niger Delta Avengers threatens to resume fresh attacks on oil facilities in Nigeria, the […]

  • Delta violence on the way?

    After period of relative calm, violence could return. Niger-Delta militants to resume bombing of oil facilities – Edwin Clark A leader in the troubled Niger-Delta region, Chief E.K. Clark has […]

  • Delta militants justify attacks

    Militants blame troop presence as reason for continued attacks. Why we renewed attacks on oil facilities – Niger Delta Avengers Hassan Adebayo The Niger Delta Avengers, which has restarted attacks […]

  • Niger Delta ceasefire?

    Niger Delta Avengers announce cessation of hostilities. Niger Delta ceasefire? The struggle has always being a Pan-Niger Delta one, we only know the anti Niger Delta elements are using some […]