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  • Iran’s piracy patrols

    Countless invisible pirates slain… 56 Iranian Navy Fleets Dispatched To Far Seas Since 2007 Rukhshan Mir Iranian navy has dispatched 56 fleets to far seas since 2007 to protect the […]

  • The GHOST

    Development of the first ever “super-cavitating craft” has produced a combination aircraft/boat that has been designed to fly through an artificial underwater gaseous environment that creates 900 times less hull […]

  • Unfit For Purpose

    The UK’s armed forces may not be fit for purpose after 2015, an influential committee of MPs has warned. The Defence Select Committee says cuts made to the military as […]

  • N.Z Says N.O.

    New Zealand has turned down a United Nations request to provide a warship for piracy patrols, probably off the coast of Africa. Defence Minister Wayne Mapp said the navy had […]