Tag: Pirate attacks

  • Port State

    Ports in piracy-threatened regions must make clear how they will accommodate armed guards and issue transparent guidelines to shipowners and operators, Dom Mee, president of Protection Vessels International, has warned. […]

  • New Season

    Somali pirates are preparing for a new raiding season, taking advantage of the calmer seas after the monsoon period, as their ties with Islamist rebels come under closer scrutiny. Pirate […]

  • Piracy Progress

    The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) welcomes the IMO’s progress on its revised guidance and recommendations for the use of privately contracted armed security on-board ships. Following last […]

  • Piracy Insight

    A report by insurers states that piracy is seasonal and increases near the end of the Monsoon season. It also reveals that pirates are attacking more often and further from […]

  • Smooth Passage

    The IMO has called on port and coastal states to “facilitate” the passage of armed guards and their weapons on merchant ships at risk of pirate attack. The circular agreed […]

  • Piracy Prone

    Five African countries along the continent’s sea coast have been listed by the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) as risky areas for the movement of vessels and ships due to attacks […]

  • Severe Underreporting

    Pirate attacks off the coast of West Africa are increasingly sharply, however Security and shipping analysts say the number of attacks is severely underreported. They believe that left unchecked, the emerging […]

  • Shore Thing

    Some say that the only way to halt pirate attacks is to destroy their bases. China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has publicly suggested that China, the United States and others […]

  • War Risk

    The spate of pirate attacks off the coast of West Africa have led to changes in the War Risk excluded areas. Since a number of tankers have been attacked in […]

  • Gang Warfare

    A surge in pirate attacks off West Africa has led to mounting concern, and analysts say a gang involved in the lucrative black market for stolen fuel appears to be […]