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  • Cruise Ship Passengers at Réunion Island Threatened By Violent Protests Amid Coronavirus Concerns

    March 02: Passengers of the Princess Cruises liner have been met by violent protests in Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean due to fears over coronavirus. Police at Pointe des Galets […]

  • Castaway Sues Cruise Line

    A Panamanian fisherman who survived 28 days adrift in the Pacific and watched two companions die is suing the owners of a cruise ship that sailed past. Castaway sues Princess […]

  • Passenger Rejects Explanation

    Princess Cruises, the operator of the Star Princess, blamed a “breakdown in communications” for the tragedy, saying passenger reports that they had seen a boat in distress never made it […]

  • Castaways Ignored

    Princess Cruises said that although passengers had spotted the castaways and alerted staff, the captain had not received the message. Princess Cruises sorry for ignoring Panama castaways An American cruise […]