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  • Why be a pirate?

    What are the key piracy drivers? Why be a pirate? Understanding motivations for piracy Zamzam Tatu, M&C Saatchi World Services, Kenya Following primary research recently conducted at Montagne Posse Prison, Seychelles, […]

  • No-ransom policy doesn’t keep us safe

    Michael Scott Moore discusses US ransom policy. Ex-hostage: No-ransom policy doesn’t keep us safe Tyler Pager, USA TODAY WASHINGTON — Michael Scott Moore said it took his Somali pirate captors […]

  • The ransom riddle

    We’re banning paying ransoms to terrorists – but what about pirates? By Ioannis Chapsos The UK home secretary, Theresa May, has introduced the new Counter-terrorism and Security Bill, which will be considered […]

  • Piracy, Kidnap & Ransom

    A closer look at the UK’s new laws. Piracy, Kidnap & Ransom: UK Bans Ransom Payments by Insurers On 26 November 2014 the British Home Secretary introduced the Counter-Terrorism and […]

  • Somalia: Three Britons released

    According to the BBC, Somalia has pardoned the three Britons caught bringing over £2m in cash into the country to pay a ransom to Somali pirates. The three individuals, together […]

  • Huge Rise

    Ransom payments to Somali pirates have risen 36-fold in the past five years, averaging $5.4 million per ship. As a result, raids on tankers navigating the Strait of Hormuz are […]

  • Propaganda Slammed

    The Government of Puntland State of Somalia has categorically rejected press reports that it claims are “propaganda”. The FT report, entitled “Britons held as ransom drop goes wrong,” insinuated that […]

  • Deploring The Pirates

    The International Chamber of Shipping, ITF, Indian National Shipowners’ Association, NUSI, MUI, IMEC, InterManager, Intertanko and BIMCO deplore the latest development in the Indian Ocean piracy crisis as some Indian […]