Tag: reconnaissance

  • Drones for Indian Navy

    Deal with US will bolster Navy’s arsenal. Guardian drones to act as force multipliers for Indian Navy WASHINGTON: Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, the US has cleared the […]

  • China gets flying boats

    More news to cheer India and America… China Gets Flying Boats: Regional Waters Just Got Murkier By Cecil Victor These were the mainstay of colonial empires east of Suez for […]

  • Royal Navy ScanEagle takes flight

    Footage released shows ScanEagle taking flight from HMS Somerset. Royal Navy’s first ever remotely-piloted air system takes flight Just 7 months after the British Ministry of Defense ordered the system […]

  • Boosting Bandwidth

    US Navy awards $7M contract for ITT Exelis and Novasol to build a line-of-sight system to handle escalating data needs Free-space laser comms to boost Marines’ bandwidth The US firms […]

  • Smart Defence

    NATO nations deepen cooperation on intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance In the spirit of “smart defence”, nine Nations have launched at the end of February a five-year project that will significantly […]