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  • New boats for Somali CG

    Company will train the Somali Navy, too. Dutch firm contracted to build six ships for Somali coast guard to fight piracy and illegal fishing Dutch firm contracted to build six […]

  • EU Somali coastguard initiative

    EUCAP Nestor programmes building capacity. Piracy analysis: EU Somali coastguard initiative delivers Girija Shettar The EU’s capacity building division has delivered more training and equipment to the Somali coastguard in […]

  • Somali CG train with NATO

    Ocean Shield forces pass knowledge on to local actors. Coast Guards trained by NATO ship off the coast of Somalia SOMALI BASIN- On October 12 and 13, Task Force 508 […]

  • EUCAP Nestor conclude training Somali CG

    EUCAP Nestor celebrated with its Somali and Djiboutian partners the successful completion of training EUCAP Nestor concludes first basic training course for Somali Coast Guards and Port Police Today the […]

  • Anglo-American Support for Somali Coast Guard, Strategic Pragmatism or Problem?

    With the potential support of a privately-trained maritime force, are the US and UK manoeuvring towards a more pragmatic approach to the piracy problem in Somalia? On Tuesday 23 November […]