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  • Op Copper still going

    Operation Copper still active. S. African navy completes anti-piracy mission in Mozambique Two South African navy vessels have completed patrol of the Northern Mozambican Channel as part of the anti-piracy […]

  • Boost for Mozambique

    The ten speedboats cost 40,000 euros. Portugal Donates Speedboats to Mozambican Navy Maputo — The Portuguese Defence Ministry on Monday donated ten speedboats to the Mozambican navy, under the military […]

  • Coast Guard for SA?

    Could ease pressure on Navy. Department of Defence looking at establishing Coast Guard Written by Guy Martin The Department of Defence is exploring the possibility of establishing a Coast Guard, and continues […]

  • PLA Navy visits SA

    Navies enjoy closer ties. South African and Chinese navies increase collaboration Written by Dean Wingrin The increasing cooperation between the South African Navy (SA Navy) and the Chinese People’s Liberation […]

  • South Africa’s counter-piracy operation

    Cooperation is key. An insight into South Africa’s counter-piracy operation Written by Kim Helfrich In a candid assessment of South Africa’s commitment to a continued presence in the Mozambique Channel […]

  • Project Biro and African marsec

    Tenders for South African Navy. Can Project Biro Help Africa to Overcome Its Maritime Security Challenges? By Timothy Walker A conference held on Project Biro in Simon’s Town last month […]

  • More counter-piracy duty

    Operation Copper duties continue for SA Navy.  More counter-piracy duty for Navy OPVs SAS Makhanda (P1569) will complete her tour of counter-piracy duty in the Mozambique channel on December 12 […]

  • South Africa’s Engagement in Counter-Piracy

    Operation Copper and SANDF’s anti-piracy work.  South Africa’s Engagement in Counter-Piracy By Lisa Otto South Africa became involved as a counter-piracy actor rather late in the day, after repeated calls […]

  • Chinese Task Group visits Cape Town

    Three Chinese naval vessels arrived in Cape Town on Tuesday. Chinese Navy Escort Task Group visits Cape Town Three vessels comprising the 16th Escort Task Group of the Chinese Navy arrived […]

  • Piracy Drives Change

    The spread of Somali piracy to the northern Mozambique Channel is one of the reasons why South Africa’s Navy has moved from a largely peacetime routine to a predominantly operational […]