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  • Only guns can stop piracy

    Fishermen still operating in fear of attack. Frustrated fishing vessel owner says only guns can stop piracy BY SHABNA ULLAH Beeram Persaud, owner of the fishing vessel that a five-man Corentyne […]

  • Drug smuggling submarines

    Drug smugglers up the ante in their illegal trade. Narco-Submarines: Innovative technology by Drug Cartels Op-Ed by Byron Ramirez and Dr. Robert J. Bunker Drug cartels today are much more […]

  • Drugs trafficking in the Caribbean

    An old route regains popularity with drugs gangs Drugs trafficking in the Caribbean ON MAY 9th American customs and border-protection officials launched an aerostat—a fat, tethered balloon—above the coast of […]

  • Technology Will be Used to Combat Piracy

    Lifesaving Technology Will be Used to Combat Numerous Piracy Attacks Globalstar and VehSmart to Outfit Ecuadorian Fishing Fleet With 4,000 Globalstar SmartOne Satellite Tracking Devices Globalstar, Inc., the leader in […]

  • S. America maritime security business up

    Maritime security concerns are fueling a rise in the marketing and sales of equipment and services that feed into the growing procurement business with Central and South American navies and […]