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  • IMO promotes security

    Good turnout for workshop events. IMO workshop promotes secure shipping in Asia Shipping forms the backbone of world trade, transporting around 80% of global trade by volume. No other method […]

  • Securing SE Asia

    The area is a prime target for criminals. Pirates’ Strategies and Countermeasures in the South China Sea Except for a brief spike along East Africa that gained national attention with […]

  • Asia’s piracy fight

    Abu Sayyaf threat persists. Asia expand piracy-fight Despite various initiatives, piracy is growing in Asia. The regional cooperation project has therefore now decided on further defense measures. At the recent General […]

  • The dangers of SE Asia

    Maritime safety and security concerns. Is Southeast Asia home to the most dangerous waters in the world? By Joe Baker Southeast Asia is home to some of the biggest shipping trade […]

  • SE Asia: no naval arms race

    Modernisation of fleets underway. ADECS 2018: ‘No naval arms race’ in Southeast Asia by Gordon Arthur It is ‘very hard to fit’ the Southeast Asian region into the definition of an […]

  • US to boost presence

    US boost for regional security. US Navy intends to increase presence in Asia-Pacific, says Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen Adrian Lim SINGAPORE – The US Navy intends to increase its […]

  • SEACAT Chat

    This year’s iteration of SEACAT marked yet another step in Washington’s effort to expand its exercises in the Asia-Pacific. What Did the Latest US Asia Maritime Security Exercise Achieve? By Prashanth […]

  • Malaysia gets tough

    The move is being read as an escalation in the country’s crackdown on sea crimes Why Did Malaysia Just Burn an Illegal Fishing Vessel? By Prashanth Parameswaran On Wednesday, Malaysia made […]

  • Second USN collision

    Ten crew missing after collision off Singapore. US Navy ship and oil tanker collide near Singapore Ten US Navy sailors are missing and five have been injured after a US […]

  • Kidnaps more common than cargo theft

    Hijacking less popular than kidnap. Crew abductions increasingly trump cargo theft among global piracy incidents Pirates across the world are increasingly ditching cargo theft in favour of abducting crews for […]