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  • The lost continent

    Europe’s frustrating search for strategic relevance in Asia. The lost continent WHEN American strategists role-play scenarios about a crisis with China—probably, these days, a flare-up in the South China Sea—they […]

  • US Navy in disputed waters

    China predictably unhappy. South China Sea: US warship sails near disputed reef A US naval warship has sailed near a contested reef in the South China Sea, in what Washington […]

  • MSDF head into S. China Sea

    The ostensible reason behind the move is training with Indonesian navy, but move likely to irritate China. For first time, Japan will send Ise destroyer into the South China Sea […]

  • Beijing’s S China Sea strategy

    China doesn’t want to share. Beijing retains South China Sea as core interest by Daniele Ermito The booming expansion of China’s military forces into the South China Sea will give Beijing […]

  • Joint patrols for India, USA?

    Indian navy has never carried out joint patrols with another country. U.S., India consider joint patrols in South China Sea: U.S. official The United States and India have held talks […]

  • US warship sails near disputed island

    Finger wagging from China. South China Sea: US warship sails near disputed island A US warship has sailed near a disputed island in the South China Sea to challenge efforts […]

  • US boosts Asian maritime security

    White House highlights US efforts as Obama kicks off Asia trip. US Announces Maritime Security Boost for Southeast Asia By Prashanth Parameswaran The United States is boosting maritime security assistance […]

  • Looming S China Sea showdown

    Concerns US is being too soft on China. The looming military showdown in the South China Sea: Gertz BY BILL GERTZ After delaying for months, the Obama administration has authorized […]

  • Malaysia slams China’s ‘provocation’

    Island building amid territorial dispute. Malaysia slams China’s ‘provocation’ in South China Sea BEIJING — China’s construction work on islands in the disputed South China Sea is “unwarranted provocation”, Malaysia’s […]

  • Maritime security forum in Beijing

    Meeting amid South China Sea tensions. Security and maritime forum to start in Beijing The defence ministers from 16 countries will attend the sixth Xiangshan Forum in Beijing on Friday […]