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  • Chokepoints

    World oil chokepoints for maritime transit of oil are a critical part of global energy security. About half of the world’s oil production moves on maritime routes. Chokepoints are narrow […]

  • Strait of Hormuz Collision

    No one was hurt Sunday morning when a U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer and a large Japanese owned merchant vessel collided near the Strait of Hormuz. The collision between USS […]

  • Rethinking the Strait of Hormuz

    If hostilities break out over any disruption of traffic through this busy sea lane, the Navy had better look long and hard at Iran’s anti-access/area-denial capabilities. Rethinking the Strait of […]

  • MoD Reviewing Security Status

    An article in today’s Gibraltar Chronicle reveals some of the serious concerns posed by Iran’s threat to block the Strait of Hormuz if the West imposes new sanctions over its […]

  • Tanker Targets

    Somali pirates, driven north by monsoon rains, will probably attack more tankers navigating the Strait of Hormuz. The strait handles 17 percent of the global trade in oil, according to […]