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  • Yacht robbery, piracy rises

    Armed robbery and theft are major issues for yachties. Yachters fight back against real-life pirates of the Caribbean By Gemma Handy St John’s, Antigua & Barbuda Pirates who target vulnerable […]

  • Superyachts at Risk

    As restrictions on commercial vessels carrying firearms are relaxed, it is expected that pirates will look to pursue perceived softer targets and thus attempts on recreational vessels will rise. Security […]

  • On-Board Protection System

    The rise in piracy and the general concern about the vulnerability of pleasure craft and their occupants has made yacht security a fast-growing industry. LSN (LifeSafetyNow) On-Board Early Warning Protection […]

  • Superyacht Security Summit 2010

    A day of debate and discussion focusing on preventing, avoiding & dealing with security & piracy threats against superyachts, today & in the future. With security becoming an increasingly relevant […]