Tag: territorial disputes

  • Singapore, Malaysia Agree to Jointly Suspend Overlapping Port Claims

    March 14: Singapore and Malaysia have agreed to jointly suspend overlapping port claims, saying this was vital to end a stand-off which has seen at least one collision in waters off Tuas […]

  • Keeping Asian oceans open

    ASEAN nations and China need to improve relations at sea. Rule of law needs to be respected in the South China Sea: experts Despite the shortcomings of the international legal […]

  • Warnings at sea

    The increasing use of warning shots. Warning At Sea: Be Prepared, Be Ready – Analysis BY RSIS JANUARY 25, 2017 Growing tensions in disputed waters and enforcement operations by maritime […]

  • Crisis control key for maritime security

    Unintended, accidental accidents in the high seas or in the air may escalate. Crisis control is key for maritime security The two-day Xiangshan Forum concludes today. Maritime security in the […]

  • Indo-Pacific security

    Australia, Japan, India and the US for four-way security initiative? An emerging security quartet in the Indo-Pacific? Abhijit Singh On 11 September the Indian Navy (IN) embarked on a week-long […]

  • America’s Asia-Pacific Marsec Strategy

    By 2020, 60 percent of U.S. naval and overseas air assets will be based in the Pacific. US Releases Asia-Pacific Maritime Security Strategy By Cody M. Poplin Last week, the […]

  • U.S. plans more Asia-Pacific drills

    U.S. focusing on ‘freedom of the seas’. U.S. plans more Asia-Pacific drills to counter China reclamation MANILA (Reuters) – The United States plans to increase the number of military and […]

  • China’s Self-Destructive Maritime Strategy

    Everybody wants a piece of the South China Sea. China’s Self-Destructive Maritime Strategy MASAHIRO MATSUMURA OSAKA – Once again, China’s territorial claims and construction of artificial islands in the South […]

  • India backs Vietnam, others against China

    Territorial disputes must be settled through peaceful means, says junior foreign minister V.K. Singh South China Sea: India backs Vietnam, others against China India on Thursday supported the stand taken […]

  • Coast Guard Overhaul

    China’s new leadership recently announced its intention to reorganize its separate maritime law enforcement agencies under one governing body China signals with Coast Guard overhaul By Lyle Morris  China’s new […]