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  • Eradicate pirates’ nests

    Marine union calls for tougher action from US against pirates. Captain Phillips Wants Pirates’ Nests Eradicated The White House unveiled a new policy to combat maritime piracy that recommends various diplomatic cooperative strategies and alludes […]

  • How Close Did Captain Philips Get?

    The film Captain Phillips is “based on a true story” of the 2009 hijacking of an American ship by Somali pirates. How Close Did ‘Captain Philips’ Get To The Real Life Piracy […]

  • Captain Phillips Opens in London

    “Captain Phillips”, a film starring Tom Hanks and based on the true story of the pirating of the Maersk Alabama in 2009, is set to open in London ‘Captain Phillips’ to […]

  • A Captain’s Duty

    Tom Hanks to play Captain Phillips in a pirate film which may be titled Maersk Alabama after the name of Captain Phillips’ ship. The film will be concerned largely with […]

  • Casting Call

    “Wanted: five Somali pirates for a possible hijacking on the high seas”. No, this isn’t some twisted job listing, but rather a premise for a casting call for UAE residents […]

  • Saving Captain Phillips

    Tom Hanks is attached to play Captain Richard Phillips in Sony’s adaptation of the Captain’s memoir about the Somali pirate hostage situation that went down in 2009. The film will follow […]