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  • British Royal Navy Vessels Sent To Escort Vessels Through Strait of Hormuz

    January 04: The United Kingdom’s Royal Navy will escort British vessels through the Strait of Hormuz as tensions in the region remain elevated following a US’s airstrike on Iran’s top […]

  • Captain Reports British Warship Involved In “115 Confrontations” with Iran Since July

    September 02: A British Royal Navy warship in the Strait of Hormuz has had 115 confrontations with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps since July, its captain revealed. HMS Montrose captain Will […]

  • Somaliand naval bases?

    Self-declared republic sees military presence by world powers as way to affirm its status as independent state Somaliland seeks recognition by hosting naval bases By Addis Getachew The self-declared republic […]

  • Sea Trials

    The second Astute class submarine Ambush has set sail from BAE Systems to begin sea trials with the UK Royal Navy. Ambush leaves for sea trials The second Astute class […]