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  • Somaliland Coastguard Expels Cable-layer from TTW

    Somaliland Coast Guard Expel Djiboutian Cable Layer 25 January: Somaliland’s Coast Guard expelled East Africa’s largest undersea cable-layer which was was attempting to lay fibreoptic cable in Somaliland’s territorial waters […]

  • Cable ties

    Sanctions highlight cable concerns. Spotlight falls on Russian threat to undersea cables BY MORGAN CHALFANT AND OLIVIA BEAVERS The Trump administration’s new sanctions on Russia are casting light on the threat posed to […]

  • Cable news

    Keeping the lines open. Undersea cables and the challenges of protecting seabed lines of communication By Pete Barker Introduction For centuries, the sea has enabled trade between nations. Shipping continues […]

  • Undersea cable threat

    Air Chief Marshall Peach says Russian ships have been spotted close to Atlantic cables that carry communications between Europe and the US Russia could cut off internet to Nato countries, […]

  • The Ultimate Hybrid War Strategy

    Cyber attack? Just cut the cable… The Ultimate Hybrid War Strategy: Attack Deep-Sea Fiber-Optic Cables Steve Weintz When a July 2015 undersea tremor triggered a rockslide between the islands of […]