Tag: USS Ronald Reagan

  • USN tri-carrier exercise

    Nothing to do with North Korea, move along, move along. 3 U.S. Carrier Strike Groups to Exercise for 4 Days in the Sea of Japan Three U.S. carrier strike groups […]

  • U.S. Navy Scrambled Jets

    Russians test US readiness in Southeast Asia. U.S. Navy Scrambled Jets after Russian Approach By Reuters A U.S. Navy aircraft carrier scrambled four F-18 jets on Tuesday after two Russian […]

  • Looming S China Sea showdown

    Concerns US is being too soft on China. The looming military showdown in the South China Sea: Gertz BY BILL GERTZ After delaying for months, the Obama administration has authorized […]

  • Reagan sailors press on with lawsuit

    71 who served during 2011 aid mission suing Japanese power company Reagan sailors press on in radiation lawsuit A group of sailors who were aboard the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan […]