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  • Murder Threat

    A new video showing captured South Korean sailors is re-focusing attention on the hostages. Somali pirates have threatened to kill South Korean and Indian sailors if those nations do not free pirates […]

  • Going Viral

    A maritime industry group has posted videos on YouTube showing two Danes and four Filipinos held hostage by Somalia pirates pleading for the Danish government and the ship’s owner to […]

  • Assessing Bulwark

    In this video from the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Lee Willett, the Head of RUSI’s Maritime Studies Programme,  assesses the capabilities of HMS Bulwark and its potential to be deployed in […]

  • Video Evidence

    On the 5th April, an armed security team prevented an attack on the ‘Pacific Opal’. During the exchange the team, from security company PVI, recorded video evidence of the incident. 24 hours after […]