Tag: Weapons

  • Indian Navy in weapons seizure

    Boat and suspects later released. Indian Navy ship seizes arms and ammunition off Somali coast An Indian Navy ship has seized arms and ammunition off the Somali coast, in a swift anti-piracy operation, officials […]

  • Floating armoury changes

    News will impact PMSCs operating in the Indian Ocean. Floating Armouries – Major Legal Change Underway Thomas Egerstrom The debate of the legality surrounding “floating armouries” (FA’s) has been circulated […]

  • AdvanFort crew re-trial resumes

    British Prime Minister wrote to Indian PM to request men be released. Anti-piracy vessel crew re-trial resumes MADURAI: The principal sessions court in Tuticorin will start from December 1 cross-examination […]

  • US, UK hold nuclear marsec summit

    International partners build capacity to detect, interdict and investigate the illicit trafficking of nuclear and radiological materials. NNSA Co-Hosts Nuclear Security Summit Workshop on Maritime Security with UK WASHINGTON – This […]

  • Armory Weapons Could Flood Black Market

    As HRA shrinks and PMSCs go out of business, what happens to their weapons? Armory Weapons Could Flood Black Market The recent decision by the Contact Group for Piracy off […]

  • Floating Armoury

    A vessel being used by a Sri Lankan company to operate a floating-armoury in the Gulf of Aden was briefly arrested by the authorities in the United Arab Emirates. Sinbad […]

  • Give Us Weapons

    Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, president of Somalia’s transitional federal government, claims that Somalia can eliminate piracy in a year if they are given the funds they need. According to the President, […]

  • Bolder Attacks

    A senior maritime security analyst said today that Somali pirates have acquired sophisticated weaponry from Libya, and are likely to use them in bolder attacks on shipping Analyst says Somali […]

  • Floating Armouries

    Officials in Kenya have raised concerns over the “legal gray area” represented by the practise of private security firms storing weapons aboard floating armouries in international waters. Piracy fighters use floating armouries […]

  • Arms Arrests

    The Yemeni coast guard detained a Russian ship loaded with weapons in the Red Sea, said a security source on Thursday. A spokesperson of the Russian embassy said the ship […]