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  • Ship owners deny knowledge

    Pressure being increased on N. Korea following STS transfers. HK-flagged vessel’s owners deny knowledge of activities with North Korea Vincent Wee The Guangzhou-based owners and operators of the Hong Kong-flagged […]

  • N Korea threatens S Korea warships

    North Korea threatened Wednesday to launch an attack on South Korean warships N Korea threatens to strike S Korea warships near sea border North Korea threatened Wednesday to launch an […]

  • N. Korea Presses S. Korea for Stance

    As the next South Korean Government readies itself to take over, North Korea presses it to define its stance toward the disputed maritime border. N. Korea presses next S. Korean […]

  • Challenging Disputes

    Maritime disputes between China and some neighboring countries have escalated in recent years. A number of factors have contributed to the current maritime challenge. This article offers a Chinese view of […]

  • Chinese Held Ransom

    According to Chinese state news media, North Korean gunmen operating in the Yellow Sea are demanding a ransom for the release of three Chinese fishing vessels and 29 crew members. […]

  • China-Russia Cooperation

    Highlighting warming ties between their militaries and growing cooperation in international affairs, former Cold War rivals for leadership of the communist world China and Russia launched a joint naval exercise […]