UN Security Council

The UN Security Council has been hearing of the problems and some potential solutions for piracy.

The Chinese representative stated that prosecuting and detaining Somali pirates as well as eliminating impunity constitutes an important link of combating Somali pirates. China supported the further elaboration by the international community on the issue of combating Somali pirates, he said as they pushed the UN for action in aiding arrests and detention of convicted pirates.

While France’s UN envoy Gerard Araud stated that Somali pirates are attacking growing numbers of ships in the Indian Ocean. Since January 1, there have been at least 171 attacks off the coast of Somalia and at the end of May the pirates held 26 vessels and more than 600 hostages, he said. The violence used is also becoming more extreme.

In addition to reports from Security Council members, the gathering heard of the views of senior UN officials. Patricia O’Brien, the Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs claimed that helping the courts in Somalia is vital in fighting piracy. “Achieving international standards will be a critical step because it will open the way for naval States to be able to enter into arrangements with Somali authorities for the transfer of piracy suspects apprehended at sea,” she said .

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