Avoiding “Death Traps on Ships”

The Intention of this article is not to threaten seafarers but to warn them about the dangers of mooring operation on ships and educate them on the procedure to carry it out safety.

A cargo vessel’s main earning potential is not tested from the amount of time it travels at the sea but from the efficiency of its operation at ports where the cargo is handled.

Avoiding “Death Traps on Ships” – Understanding Dangers of Mooring Operation

by AnishMarine Insight

An efficient port and cargo operation of a ship is what every ship operator expects from its deck crew. The first and foremost operation performed by the deck crew as the ship reaches the port – the mooring operation, is also one of the most difficult and dangerous jobs on ships.

What makes Mooring Operation dangerous?

There have been several cases reported in the past about accidents during mooring operation that has led to severe damage or deaths of seafarer.

The mooring area on a ship comprises of foreword and aft parts of a vessel where winches are installed to pull the ropes from tug and jetty bollards.

The Mooring area is equipped with several equipment and systems such as winches, hydraulic motors, bollards, piping valves, anchor chain etc.

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