Surviving Pirate Kidnap

Surviving Pirate Kidnap  is an intensive training program that gives seafarers operating around the East and West African coast the practical skills they need to survive being taken hostage by pirates.

How to survive a pirate kidnap: be prepared

The scourge of piracy has seen a resurgence that puts the lives of innocent sailors at risk. The seafaring community has to be prepared.

Piracy costs more than just a ransom. The human consequences are far reaching and not easily measured. Lives can be lost, minds made fragile, careers ruined.

Forward planning is the key. Every vessel should have all the necessary anti-piracy measures written, rehearsed and memorised of course.

But what if things do go wrong? Key elements for physical and psychological survival include knowing:

  • How the kidnappers are likely to behave.
  • How hostages are likely to feel and react.
  • How to handle stress.
  • How hostages should behave to minimise pirates’ aggression.
  • Nigerian and Somalian culture and religion.
  • What support should be in place for hostages when they get home?

Mr Jurica Ruic is a former seafarer who was captured by pirates and held hostage in 2007. He has teamed up with expert psychologist Dr Mike Drayton to create an intense training programme that gives seafarers the practical skills they need to survive being taken hostage by pirates.

If you would like to find out more about how you can be prepared for piracy, please call Dr Mike Drayton on +44 (0)121 4590636 or visit


About Dr Mike Drayton:

Dr Drayton is a business consultant as well as a consultant psychologist. Mike has consulted for organisations as diverse as law firms, fire and rescue services and luxury cruise lines. Mike is also an accredited Expert Witness. Before Mike founded Opus Performance in 2003, he worked as a senior clinician and manager in the NHS. He is an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Birmingham.


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