How Floating Armories Help Guard Cargo Ships

On Board the Arsenals That Ferry Guns and Guards to Passing Vessels on the Edge of the Indian Ocean.

How Floating Armories Help Guard Cargo Ships From Pirates on High Seas


ON THE GULF OF OMAN—Before dawn one morning in November, four men on the deck of the MNG Resolution lifted cases of guns and body armor out of shipping containers and heaved them into a waiting speedboat.

The team zipped across the water to a tanker, where the crew pulled aside razor wire and hoisted the weapons aboard. The four men clambered up a rope ladder, and the speedboat raced back.

The 141-foot Resolution, built 30 years ago to service offshore oil platforms, has a new job: She is a floating armory and bunkhouse for contract security forces. At least a half dozen such boats ply the Gulf of Oman.

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