Togo Navy chases pirates

Hijacked crew rescued, boat now safe, too.

Intervention of the Togolese Navy against pirates

The Togolese Navy rescued Sunday 24 Ghanaian and Chinese sailors whose boat was attacked by pirates in international waters, said Tuesday the maritime prefecture.

At the request of the Ghanaian authorities, Togolese patrol chased a fishing vessel, the Lung Rong Lu Young 917, with a crew of 28 sailors, attacked a few hours earlier off Takoradi in Ghana.

The patrol made several warning shots to stop the ship. But the pirates have refused to comply. 24 people managed to leave the boat by jumping into the water; they were immediately recovered by the Togolese star Ghanaian sailor was wounded with a knife by pirates.

The Lung Rong Lu Young 917 was chased by the Benin navy, without success yet.

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MSR Note: We understand the pirates have now left the fishing vessel.

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