New PMSC Solution in West Africa

Watchwood new services from Ghana.

New Anti-Piracy PMSC Solution in Gulf of Guinea

Press Release

Exciting news for Security Service Requirements in the Gulf of Guinea – Complete Reliable Commercial Protection.

Watchwood Resources Ltd (“WRL”) are pleased to announce current developments from the Watchwood Ghana Ltd (“WGL”) offices in Tema Port, Ghana.

WGL is a joint venture between WRL and a Non Executive board made up of senior Ghanaian government representatives. David Asante-Apeatu, Commissioner of Police, chairs the board. The office is staffed by a highly qualified mixed team of British and Ghanaian security experts.

In a ground breaking development, carefully prepared and constructed by the relevant regional stakeholders over a period of two years, The Ghanaian government have given license by way of a MOU from the Ghana IGP that armed Watchwood MSO’s, under a Watchwood TL, with armed Ghana Marine Police, will be able to board commercial vessels at any location within Ghana’s EEZ and provide security to commercial vessels.

Under this unique mandate from the Ghanaian Government, Watchwood now provide training courses for the Ghana Marine Police. The modular course covers all aspects of International protocols, regulations and standards and forms part of Watchwood’s ISO9001 training program centring on Commercial Anti Piracy Operations.

The Ghanaian Marine Police are fully versed, trained and certificated in the most up to date anti-piracy methods and protocols required by the International Shipping Community, complying with BMP4 and the International 100 Series in relation to the Rules for the use of Force.

Instead of waiting out in a state of vulnerability in hostile waters, often up to two hundred nautical miles from their destination port, vessels can now take refuge under armed security in the Ghanaian EEZ until a berth is allocated and then steam straight to their destination, with a minimum fear of attack, in just a few hours. An added advantage is that logistical support can arrange Embarkation / Disembarkation anywhere within our area of operation.

These operations will be operated and monitored under Watchwood’s PMSC specific ISO9001 and a BIMCO Guardcon contract for full compliance and peace of mind for commercial ship-owners and operators.

Our comprehensive services can include the following:

  • Armed MST’s
  • Ship risk assessment and review
  • Ship hardening using (BMP4) guidelines
  • Crew anti piracy training
  • 24hr reporting system
  • STS – ship-to-ship security
  • Expanding Maritime Security Operations in West Africa

WGL is fully compliant to ISO9000 and international anti bribery and corruption laws. In the UK WRL has been certified ISO9001 since 2011 covering all our international operations.

The initiative has been driven by the Ghanaian Government who are committed to ensure that their waters are safe for the international commercial shipping community

Please contact for a full brochure of services or to discuss your possible requirements. Full details of our contact details, scope and services can be found at

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